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Featured on TLC Sunday Dec. 6th @ 10 pm Eastern in "Chainsaw Ice Sculptors".  Learn about the reality of carving ice.


Featured at the San Diego Zoo in the "Dueling Chainsaw Ice Show" from Dec. 12th - Jan. 2nd!  Come join us at Jungle Bells and bring the whole family for a day of Ice and Animals!


Competing for the Title of World Champion Ice Sculptors  at the International World Championship Ice Sculpting Competition in Fairbanks Alaska March 2010!


Ice Sculpture FAQ's


6 Tips using ice carvings for maximum party impact

1. Enhance the entrance to the event with an ice carving display

For your guests, one of the most crucial moments of your event is their arrival. Guests decide in the first few minutes of a party whether or not they will enjoy themselves. An ice carving at the event entrance tells guests that they have arrived at the party and they are about have a great time. When using an ice carving to mark the entrance to the event, choose a design that sets the mood, captures the theme, or serves as sign with welcoming words carved into the ice sculpture. You can also have a sculpture display created so guests can walk through before entering the reception area. Imagine a pool party with floating ice carvings of a mermaid or perhaps a team of dolphins, in the heat of summer your guests will be delighted.

2. Create a unique visual or spatial focal point

An eye-catching ice carving creates a visual focal point that helps set the mood and pull a party together. The décor for an elegant cocktail reception, for example, might feature a unique sculpture to hold your favorite flower arrangement,  Party planners often place ice sculptures on buffet tables, but you can place an ice carving anywhere in the room provided it sits on a stable table or platform. For maximum impact, place the ice carving where people will see it as they walk in the door. To carry on the theme from the main ice display you can have smaller sculptures on every guests table as a centerpiece which also can be functional to hold flowers or even a burning torch or candle.

In a dimly lit reception room or at a party outside at night you can add even more drama by lighting the sculpture, either by bathing it in light from above or by placing it on a light box and lighting it from below. If you think that this technique would be great for your party décor, make sure you advise us of your needs. Ice Carvings are very clear and look best when there are no solid background colors.

3. Serve chilled food or beverages from ice sculptures

An ice sculpture can be functional when used to display food such as fresh cut fruit, or seafood, Imagine a large ice tray with a pedestal to hold a second carving filled with shellfish. You can even serve chilled beverages such as wine, champagne or juice through an ice luge or from a hollowed out sculpture (complete with a tap) that can hold up to 4 gallons of liquid. Or make an even bigger impact by serving beverages from a full service bar carved from blocks of ice.

Condiments for a caviar bar, oyster shooter bar, lox and gravlox displays can all be served on ice serving trays to create an extraordinary air of distinction.

Sorbet, ice cream and a variety of appetizers can all be served in hand crafted plate 10 inch sculpture.

4. Entertain your guests with an ice carving demonstration

Not only will an ice carving demonstration entertain your guests, the finished sculpture can become a focal point of the event. Ice carving demonstrations can be performed indoors or outdoors all year round, even in the summer. Watch as a sculpture comes to life, even the artist is amazed at how quickly the sculpture is completed, with snow flying from the power tools it is truly amazing.

5. Create a unique photo opportunity for publicity or guest mementos

When guests can interact with an ice sculpture, the cameras come out! Your guests will want to have their picture taken sitting on an ice throne or in a winter sleigh carved from ice. And the photographs make fun publicity shots or personal mementos that your guests will take away with them. You may even want to provide a photographer to take photos that you can give to your guests.

6. Delight your guests with ice sculptures that are unique

The most memorable parties include some special element that surprises and delights your guests. Ice carvings can provide that special element, and they make the biggest impact when they are unique and perfectly suited to the occasion. Most ice carving companies offer only a limited range of ice carving designs that they have used for many clients. The more often your guests see these standard ice carvings, the less impact the ice carvings have. If you want your ice carving to make an impact, make sure it's unique. Make sure it has been designed especially for you to express your personal style and the style of your event. All of our ice carvings are hand crafted, most other ice sculpture companies utilize the CNC duplicator machine, we prefer to keep that element of (one of a kind).


Q: Are your sculptures Ice Molds?

A: No, they are not. Each ice sculpture is hand carved by our ice sculptor.

Q: How large is a single-block sculpture?

A: A single-block Ice Sculpture is carved from a block of ice that is 40" Tall x 20" Wide X 10" deep. Most single block sculptures are vertical and stand 40" tall. Some designs are fused, and have slightly different dimensions. If you would like to know the dimension of a specific sculpture please contact us at Images_in_Ice@yahoo.com.

Q: How long will our Ice Sculpture Last?

A: An Ice Sculpture's detail will last up to 6 hours indoors, such as a reception hall. For outdoor events, it depends on the temperature and placement of the ice sculpture. Sculptures typically melt about 1/4 of an inch per hour.

Q: What happens to all the water when it melts?

A: A drip pan is placed underneath each sculpture, with a clear hose attached in the back. The hose goes to a container underneath the table the ice sculpture is on. All the water is contained, however most containers need to be emptied every 3 hours.

Q: How much does an ice sculpture cost?

A: Each sculpture is priced individually according to the amount of ice used and the time needed to make the carving. Please visit our Pricing/Contact page for a free price quote.

Q: Can you create an original or customized sculpture for us?

A: Absolutely! We can work from any idea you may have.  All we need is an idea off what you want or a sketch of your ice sculpture idea. 

Q: Why is your ice clear, while others I've seen has a white center?
A: To start the process, we run our water through 6 different filters.  All of our ice is made at our carving studio in Clinebell machines. These machines are designed to create ice that is perfectly clear. Core ice includes a white feather that consisting of air and other impurities. Clinebell ice is harder, more stable, and lasts longer. Once you compare a our ice to core ice, you will never buy a core ice sculpture again!

Q: What tools do you use to carve the ice?

A: Electric chainsaws, chisels, heat guns, torches, water and plenty of love and patience.

Q: How do you get the sculpture to us without it melting or breaking?

A: We pack the sculpture using thermo-insulated bags and boxes to insure your ice is delivered in perfect glimmering condition.

Q: Can you carve names, letters, or logos?
A: Absolutely!  Any logo, name, or date can be carved in any ice sculpture to add extra flare to your event.

Q: How far do you deliver?

A: The majority of our business is delivered within a 75 from Ventura CA. We have delivered sculptures farther when requested for a delivery fee. We have also shipped sculptures across the US, although because shipping is expensive, it is generally more cost efficient to find a local carver.

Q: How big can you make a sculpture?

A: As large as needed. Dominique was part of a team that created a life sized four car train in January or 2005.

Q: How long are ice demonstrations?

A: Timing is customized for your event. Most demonstrations are 15-50 minutes long. To make the carving experience last longer we are willing to carve up to four carvings per day.

Q: How much advance notice do you need?

A: For weddings and sculptures that need to be set up, please contact us as soon as possible. If the sculpture can be delivered to a freezer, we prefer at least two weeks notice, however we do take last minute orders.  Please contact us if you have any ordering questions.

Q: Where does Images In Ice deliver too?

Images In Ice services Santa Maria to San Diego, to Big Bear to Fresno including Ojai Valley, Ventura, Fillmore, Oxnard, Camarillo, Newbury Park, Thousand Oaks, Westlake Village, Agoura, Calabasas, Simi Valley, Moorpark, Somis, Santa Barbara, Santa Ynez, and many, many more.  Please e-mail us if you have any other questions about delivery.

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