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"Ice Fountains"



New "Ice Fountain"

Ice fountains come in almost any shape and they do not need an attendant!  These are great for any occasion and can be used with both alcohol and non alcoholic beverages.  Ice fountains come in almost any shape.

                                              Wood Ranch, Simi Valley

      "Plane w/ Picture"            "Logo Fountain"          "Money Fountain"           "Mask Fountain"       "Hollowed Heart Fountain"     "Casino Fountain"


       "Wave w/ Flowers Fountain"     "Monogram Fountain"             "Heart Fountain"              "Dragon Fountain"         "Glittergram Fountain"


"Ice Luges"



"Sex & the City Luge"                            "Camera Luge"   



"Monogram Luge"

An Ice sculpture luge is a great conversational piece and is fun for guests of all ages!  Let your guests chill their drinks through your one of a kind ice sculpture.  These come in almost any shape and are great for cocktail hour!


Los Robles, Thousand Oaks     Wedding, Camarillo     Lindero Canyon Golf Course, Lindero Canyon     Peirpont Inn, Ventura     Wedding, Ojai

"Martini Luge Textured"            "Casino Luge"               "Martini Luge Plain"                "Martini with logo"                 "Mini Casino Luge"   



"Straight Martini Luge"       "Purple Monogrammed Straight Luge"       "M momogram Luge"


Themed luges



          "Casino Dice Luge"                  "Ghost Luges"                    "Dirt Bike Luge"                  "Harley Luge"                  "Eiffel Tower Luge"

        Westlake Village Inn, Westlake Village                                       

        "Diving Dolphin Luge"            "Counch Shell Luge"           "Double Dolphin Luge"              "Flame Luge"           "Double Heart Double Luge"


                      Moorpark Country Club, Moorpark               

                                   "Guitar Luge"                   "Treble Clef Luge"               "Music Note Luge"                "007 Gun Luge"


                              Los Robles, Camarillo

                          "Monogrammed Heart Luge"        "Fire Hydrant Luge"              "DJeep Lighter Luge"             "40 number Luge"



   "Don Julio with Bottle Inside Luge" "Crown Royal Luge"        "Don Julio with Picture Luge"     "Bottle & Glasses Luge"         "Belvedere Bottle Luge"


Half Block Luges


                                               "Angled Luge"                  "Ski Jump Luge"                 "Pink Luge"




"Food, Alcohol and Flower Display"


     Lost Canyons Golf Course, Simi Valley    Wedding, Camarillo      Crown Plaza, Ventura                

      "Basket"           "Basket with Flower Columns"         "Basket with Bow"      "Heart with Flowers Inside"         "Strawberry Gazebo"        



 Lake Sherwood Country Club, Westlake Village          Wood Ranch, Simi Valley         Wood Ranch, Simi Valley                 

"Beveled Wedding Cake"         "Clear Cake with Columns"               "Rotated Cake"                  "Decorated Cake"     


Wedding, Santa Barbara   Los Robles, Thousand Oaks   Party, Camarillo  Edwards Cinema, Camarillo    Westlake Village Inn, Westlake Village        

     "Sushi Table"                  "Display Fountain"                    "Clamshell"                   "Treasure Chest"           "Abstract Champaign Holder"       



            "3 Tear Display"                    "Heart Frozen Inside"                "Frozen Bottle"                     "5 Bottle Holder"                   "Grecian Vase"




Ice Bars will also add a new dimension to your event and and will amaze your guests.  Just click on the "Tropical Bar" picture to view more Ice Bars


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