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The Chainsaw Chicks is a patented female ice carving show and was created by the one and only Ice Queen.  The only all female performing ice sculptors in the United States, the Chainsaw Chicks is a riveting, one of a kind journey that takes everyday southern California residents into a unique, fun filled, unforgettable Blizzard of Ice.  The Chainsaw Chicks features 1, 2 or 3 energetic, beautiful female ice carvers creating amazing 600-1000 lb. one of a kind ice sculptures in a time line of 20-60 minutes.  The Chainsaw Chicks show includes chainsaws, fire throwing,  costumes, lights, music and themed carvings.  The Chainsaw Chicks have been featured on The learning Channel, CNN, ABC News, NBC News, ABC News, CBS News, Inside Edition, in numerous magazines and newspapers and for 21 days straight at the World famous San Diego Zoo, where the Chainsaw Chicks created new ice sculptures every show depicting 80 of the residence of the San Diego Zoo.  The Chainsaw Chicks also created a one of a kind battling chainsaws act where the audience participation is just as important as the chainsaws!  If you are looking for a unique, thrilling Chainsaw battle, then the Chainsaw Chicks are the entertainment that your guests will never forget.  For more information please email us and Images_in_ice@yahoo.com


Featured on TLC Sunday Dec. 6th @ 10 pm Eastern in "Chainsaw Ice Sculptors".  Learn about the reality of carving ice.

Featured at the San Diego Zoo in the "Dueling Chainsaw Ice Show" from Dec. 12th - Jan. 2nd!  Come join us at Jungle Bells and bring the whole family for a day of Ice and Animals!

Competing for the Title of World Champion Ice Sculptors  at the International World Championship Ice Sculpting Competition in Fairbanks Alaska March 2010! 



Previous Ice Sculpture Shows
World Ice Art Championship, 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005



Here are a few pictures from the Ice Art World Championship.  The top line shows single block Ice Sculptures.  Each one of these single block sculptures is 8ft x 5ft x 3ft and they weigh 7800 lbs.  The bottom row of pictures shows some of our multi-block pieces.  Each one of these pieces consists of 10 block measuring 6ft x 5ft x 4 ft and the total weight in 55,000 lbs. 



Tumbleweed 2003-2004

As the opening act for the late Chris La Doux at the Famous Tumbleweed in Stillwater OK, Dominique became known for the fastest carver in the mid-west. Dominique, the original "Chainsaw Chick", was given 2 minutes to carve the Tumbleweed Cactus Logo and 6 minutes to carve the patriotic eagle. After wooing the 10,000 person crowd in 2003 she was asked back to open again in 2004. "Although I have carved for large crowds before, the Tumbleweed is still me favorite place to perform because of the enthusiasm of the local cowboys!"



Ventura County Fair 2004


Images In Ice and the Chainsaw Chick was proud to be part of the entertainment for the 2004 Ventura County Fair.  We did two live demonstrations and we were located in front of the professional art and photography buildings.  Because Ice Carving is an unusual art form, each demonstration was surrounded by a crowd of over 150 dazzled viewers.  



Flaunt Magazine, 2003

This was the article written about the chainsaw chick and Images In Ice in the fashion magazine Flaunt.

"I'm better with power tools than most men," she charmingly boasts. In her bedazzled gown and adorning a crown and jewels only shadowed by her beauty, Dominique Colell begins a briefing in her unique talent of ice sculpture.

Armed with multiple chainsaws and an oxy-acetylene blowtorch, her opponent stands eight feet tall, five feet wide, and three feet thick, weighing in at just less than four tons. She maneuvers around streams of snow spraying from the obnoxiously purring lawn equipment to reveal a figure that lies hidden within the monstrous block of frozen water. This time it happens to be Snufflufugus, a playful contribution to the World Ice Art Championships held in Fairbanks, Alaska.

Even protected with fire-proof gloves and military-issue 'Bunny Boots'
keeping her feet toasty even at 80 below, Dominique contradicts the butch, threat-to-manhood that you've imagined. In fact, she was first inspired to create her Ice Images when determining a talent for the Miss California pageant system, commanding a standing ovation upon ignition of a three-foot flame.

Dominique's commissions bring her across the country and abroad, exhibiting her work, holding demonstrations and performing at live events. As artists themselves, her parents are completely supportive. "My dad likes it cause he thinks it scares off the guys," Dominique mentions, and even with her stunning beauty that would normally make chins drop, her half-smirk, half-frown confirms the truth in this. Can you blame them?





Anchorage News Ch 3, 2004

"As the official "Ice Queen" of the World Championship Ice Sculpting Event in Fairbanks Alaska Dominique was featured as one of the spokes persons for the Anchorage News. She is being interviewed in front of the Kiddie Park entrance which features two 10 foot tall ice cream cones made out of ice and snow.

Microsoft Convention, 2002

The Microsoft Convention was held in San Diego California.  While performing at the convention Dominique did 4 20 minute shows consisting of themed sculptures, music and costume.  In the first picture Dominique is wearing a Dorothy costume and is carving an ice basket for Toetoe.  In the second picture, you see the 12ft ice spray that is coming from Dominique's chainsaw and the 300 lb. eagle that she is carving.

National Charity League, 2002


Dominique was asked to be the main entertainment for the National Charity Leagues yearly banquet.  Here she did one performance creating and intricate flame out of the ice.  The second pictures features Dominique standing next to her sculpture.

Miss California Pageant, 1999


As reigning Miss Ventura County 1999, Dominique the Chainsaw Chick  was proud to show her talent of ice carving on the stage of the Miss California Pageant.  Here Dominique was allotted two minutes to carve this remarkable 300 lb. Liberty Bell.  She dedicated this performance and sculpture to her great grandfather who blew the glass liberty bell in the 1934 Worlds Fair.  In the second picture, Dominique is standing beside her just finished ice sculptures to ready to compete in the evening gown portion of the contest.





After a live television show last winter, where ice sculpting was being used to promote an upcoming Winter Festival, the producer was thrilled with the flying ice and snow produced by the chain saws and power tools.  However, while he thought the show was eye-catching, he felt the performance would have been that much better had there been a good-looking gal carving the ice.

He suggested 'Chicks with Chain Saws' would have made a much bigger impact and would have created huge waves in pre-show publicity on television and the press. 'May be,' I thought, 'but it just isn't going to happen.' How wrong could I be?  Dominique's heritage is Italian. Her great grandfather dropped the 'a' from the family name when Italians were finding it difficult to get work in New York City, at that time. Her other great grandfather was a glass blower who produced the glass Liberty Bell for the 1942 World's Fair which is still on display, today.

Take an attractive, intelligent girl who has the talent to carve ice and also put on an entertaining show while doing it, and you have Dominique Colell of
Images in Ice.  Dominique was preparing for the 1999 Miss California pageant when she was given an opportunity to work with the late Gus Stempke, the renowned ice sculptor from Long Beach, California.  To honor her great grandfather, Dominique chose to carve the Liberty Bell as her 'piece' in the pageant.  'It lasted 14 hours - not even close to the six decades plus, of the original', she says.  Her interest in carving stems from her parents. Her mother is a High School Art teacher and accomplished artist. And it was her father who started her carving in the front yard of their home.   In 2001, Dominique returned the favor and asked her father to be her partner in the World Championships.


A 300 lb block of ice, chain saw - and Dominique, a 5ft 5in bundle of energy are all that was needed for a successful promotion. And boy, did it work. Front page photographs in local and regional newspapers, radio and television interviews and finally, a live television performance on Inside Edition.

Dominique's ice career was up and running.
Dominique has been dubbed 'The Ice Queen' and her show, 'Blizzard of Oz' has been received enthusiastically by audiences in New York City, Washington DC, Oklahoma, Maryland, Alaska and all over Southern California.  From the outset, Dominique concentrated on 'live' performance ice carving and rehearsed her presentation until she had a professional, polished show package.  She has been carving for seven years and started when she had just finished high school and was attending college and playing college softball. Dominique was hooked on ice carving, immediately.  Even with a busy carving schedule, Dominique has found the time to finish her Masters degree in Studio Art and will graduate this December. How many shows has she completed? 'Too many to remember', she explains.


Images in Ice has a staff of two in the plant producing the blocks in two Clinebell block makers, and Dominique retains the services of a costume designer, recording engineer and webmaster.


Images In Ice services Santa Maria to San Diego, to Big Bear to Fresno including Ojai Valley, Ventura, Fillmore, Oxnard, Camarillo, Newbury Park, Thousand Oaks, Westlake Village, Agoura, Calabasas, Simi Valley, Moorpark, Somis, Santa Barbara, Santa Ynez, and many, many more.  Please e-mail us if you have any other questions about delivery.


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